The Best Canned Yerba Mate is made in Portland, Oregon

The Best Canned Yerba Mate is made in Portland, Oregon

Do you ever catch yourself lounging in one of Portland's cozy coffee shops or basking in the sun at one of our lush parks. What's missing? A refreshing beverage, of course!

Enter Maté Party, a new sparkling yerba mate made in Portland using all real ingredients. Are you in the mood for the classic taste of the Lightly Sweet Original, the cool breeze of Peppermint Grapefruit, or maybe our award winning Unsweetened, Maté Party has you covered. So grab a can, take a sip, and Party with the best tasting yerba mate around! 

yerba mate Portland can

What makes Maté Party stand out from allll of the other drinks on the shelves? It's not just the delicious flavors—it's the care and craftsmanship that goes into each and every can. Brewed right here in the Pacific Northwest, Maté Party sources the finest organic yerba mate leaves from a small, family owned farm in Brazil. We combine them with locally-sourced ingredients to create a beverage that's as sustainable as it is sensational. 

This makes Maté Party the cleanest tasting (and good for you) ready to drink yerba mate on the shelves!  Support local with pride, Portland!

✓No artificial sweeteners
✓No Stevia, monkfruit, or other funky stuff
✓No "natural" flavors
✓No preservatives


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