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Maté Party - Unsweetened

Maté Party - Unsweetened

Maté Party Unsweetened is spakling yerba mate and with a squeeze of lemon that's it. This one's for the heads!!

No calories, no sweetener, just the good stuff. A staff fave!

The only yerba mate on the market that actually tastes like yerba mate because it's made with real organic tea! 

It'll get you pumped in the morning, it’s perfect as that mid afternoon pick me up or to quell your social anxiety at the party tonight! Yerba mate has a different kick than traditional caffeine and we think it’s a great mood lifter.  

Welcome to the party! You're on the list.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The best!

Unsweetened is my favorite!! Always my go-to for road trips. Keeps me going in a pleasant kinda way.

Freshhhh & delicious

Love mate party ! Especially a fan of the grapefruit mint mate as well as the sugar free. Actually tastes like mate with a clean caffeine buzz. The bubbles get me !

Valerie Cochran
Love the refreshing smack of flavor!

This soda is my favorite lil pick me up for a mid-morning or mid-day pep in my step! I am very into this unweetened vibe. It has such a perky flavor with the lemon and maté and it goes perfect with a snack or on it's own, no sugar needed!
Love the fizz, love the flavor. Truly a delight! :D