DIY Sodastream for at home seltzer and soda water

How to Make Your Own Carbonation Machine



Do you want to carbonate water at home? Are you boycotting Sodastream? This homemade carbonator is simple. It can live under your counter and not take up precious counter space. The tank lasts 10-20 times longer and can carbonate higher volume for more delicious bubbles. 


Here's what you need: 

First thing you'll need is a CO2 tank. 5 pound should be fine, but if you're an avid seltzer drinker just get the biggest tank that will fit nicely in your kitchen! You can purchase these at any home brew store or welding shop like Airgas.
Wherever you get your tank will likely also have the Double-Gauge Regulator. this is a gauge tells you how much CO2 is left in your tank as well as the pressure you are carbonating. 


Next you'll need a Ball Lock Connector and Hose and Hose Clamp. You can purchase these at any home brew store. 

ball lock assembly with hosehose-clamp
Lastly, the Carbonation Cap. This cap screws onto any plastic soda bottle for you to carbonate whatever liquid you put in it. Sometimes they are plastic and sometimes they're stainless steel. They both work fine! 
Carbonation Capplastic-carbonation-cap


Now, let's get to the assembly: 

Attach the ball lock connector hose to the regulator and secure it in place with a hose clamp. This connection is crucial for allowing the flow of CO2 into your beverage, so ensure it's snug and secure. 

Using a wrench, connect the regulator to the carbon dioxide tank. Remember to place the nylon washer between the regulator and the tank to prevent any leaks. Tighten the connection securely to ensure a stable and safe setup.

With the regulator and tank securely connected, open the screw valve on top of the tank. This action will allow CO2 to flow into the system. The left gauge should now read that the tank is full. Use the knob in the middle of the regulator to adjust the top-right gauge to read 30 PSI. 

This system can now live under your cabinet. You will just need access to the hose and to be able to visually check the regulator to see when your tank is empty.  


Let's get to the fun part, carbonation: 

You can use any size soda bottle and fill it with cold water (the colder the better) to about 3/4 full. Squeeze out the excess air and screw on the carbonation cap. Press the ball lock connector onto the carbonation cap. You'll know it's working when the bottle instantly inflates. lf your bottle didn't fill, check the valve at the bottom of the regulator and make sure it is parallel to the hose to turn on the flow of gas. 

Now you're ready to rock and roll! Shake the bottle vigorously for about 20 seconds and the bottle should feel firm. Once you're done shaking, lift up the release on the ball lock connector and it will pop off of the carbonation cap.

At this point I like to empty the hose of air. This is safer and will make your hose last longer. Just flip the quick shut off valve at the bottom of the regulator to the off position and then push the inside middle of the ball lock with your finger. The air should release from the hose. 

Unscrew the cap and enjoy your homemade seltzer!! 

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